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More chips. Less fat.

  • FRIED Fried diet snacks
  • Fat(g)
  • 35.7
  • Calories(kCal)
  • 547
  • Chip Count
  • 48(approx)
  • POPPED Low fat snacks
  • Fat(g)
  • 12.5
  • Calories(kCal)
  • 426
  • Chip Count
  • 77(approx)

Based on 100g average of WhyFryy Popped Potato Chips compared to 100g of the leading fried potato chips brand. Values vary by flavour.

Why fry when you can pop?

top-notch potatoes

Select top-notch potatoes and
process them

Apply the right amount of heat and
pressure, to pop the potatoes into chips,
without any frying

Potato popped chips

Delicately toss the chips around with
a dash of oil, spices, herbs and seasoning

Pack them immediately,
to seal in the freshness and the flavour

Whyfry low fat snacks
Street-food vibes, mixed with mint and spice

The simple delight of salted potatoes

Hit of fresh, spicy, tangy tomato salsa

Hint of cheese, chives, basil and parsley

Mix of desi spices, that hits the spot


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Potato chips are usually made by frying potatoes in hot oil - that cooks the potato and makes it into a chip. Unfortunately, it also means that more than one-third of the chip is just oil!

Our Popping process uses only heat and pressure to cook the chips, without going anywhere near a fryer. There’s no deep-frying, or frying of any kind at all, for that matter. So, no oil and grease loaded onto each chip.

Oh yes, they are! Our popping process makes sure that each chip comes out crisp, crunchy and bite-y.

And then, we toss the chips around with spices, seasoning and a dash of oil. So that you get the delight in every bite, that you expect in a bag of chips. But hey, don’t take our word for it. Grab a bag and see for yourself!

We snack to enjoy what we eat…and eat what we enjoy. It’s actually that simple. Unfortunately, most of those sinful snacks that we enjoy, come loaded with fat and other not-so-good stuff.

WhyFryy (popped, not fried) Potato Chips have been carefully created to cut back on the nasties, without letting go of the taste, flavour and crunch, that makes for a great bag of chips.

We’re working to add newer flavours that you would love. If you have any ideas, suggestions or requests, please do write to us at

It’s never too early to start eating lesser fat in snacks! We’ve cut back on the nasty stuff for that reason exactly. So that kids can learn to indulge occasionally, alongside a healthy balanced diet and plenty of exercise.

Well…no. We strongly urge everyone to treat potato chips, even our popped kind, as the snack they were always meant to be. They’re for your delight and those in-between times, not your entire diet.

Health is so much more than not getting fat! To stay healthy, you must eat 3-4 balanced meals every day, with plenty of fruits and vegetables. And get enough exercise each day, so that you can indulge in the snacks that you love, for a long, long time to come!

Our Story

Our journey began one lazy day in 2018. A casual look at the pack of snacks that we were munching through, shocked us. These munchies were made up of almost 50% fat! We looked at other snacks that we loved to graze on, and found that they all had upwards of 30% fat. One-third to one-half of a pack of salty snacks is just oil?! Enough to make you put the pack down, isn’t it? Well, we certainly put ours down. And began our quest to find newer ways to make these tasty snacks, also better for health.

The naysayers laughed and said, “It can’t be done! The fat is what makes a snack tasty!” But we soldiered on, working hard to develop this product that we believed could exist – an un-fried, yet tasty snack. Many trials later, eureka! We finally had a delightful chip ready for you.

We believe that we’ve proved the doubters wrong! What do you feel? Write to us at and let us know. We would love to hear from you!

Join us in our journey towards tasty, healthier snacking. Send us your comments and suggestions. Your feedback is welcome! If you would like to partner with us in any way, let us know.


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